Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Recently, I have really been paying attention to more urbanized and unconventional displays of artwork primarily because I am taking an art history class that wants to cultivate you into the classical approaches and philosophies of art-making. Academia art is great, but I always find the urgency of sublime details in a world so ubiquitous can be the most artistic. When you start to realize that a vision can be up on a wall or on the streets, still being this fascinating phenomena, and how similar occurrences in ancient and early cave paintings in France ultimately served the same purpose, you realize that it is inherently present in human creativity.

Returning to DC is always somewhat nostalgic because I spent a majority of my adolescence and college years in that area and city. So when I was able to snag two free tickets to see I <3 a Piano @ Lincoln Theater, eat cupcakes at Cakelove, and wander 14th street, it was a splendid occasion to see this:

This is Jake Cunningham in the picture, a musician affiliated with DC bands such as Wild Stallyns, Rue the Day, Powernap, $low Lori$, among others. What has happened since our times spent in DC isn't as incredible as a diy community. Although gentrification and the cynicism that increasingly affected the DC community has been more evidently present,I think there is still something there. There's GOGO nights, dc9, the H street corridor, Smash, The secret desire of being bougie in Georgetown, Boris and other forms of street plagues still lingering,random house shows mostly for punk/thrash/metal/hxc crowds @ Corpse Fortress and sporadic Girl Cave. And I <3 DC for that. I miss being young Majority Rule @ Black Cat. Warehouse Next door and NCORE. Things that put me here.

Because of the resurgence for my appreciation of the wonderful Dead City, I present Supersystem (formerly known as El Guapo), one of my favorite bands from the later years of the Dischord era playing wordly rhythms and a rattling of indie dance explosions:

Supersystem- Miracle

Supsersystem- Miracle (Rapture Remix)

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