Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One thing I have really enjoyed about Baltimore is their music community. When I first started driving, I use to go to thrash, a few metal, and a lot of hardcore shows here. I even got to see my ultimate favorite band in the whole world *gasp* Mates of State at the Ottobar with Braid.

Recently though, I've broaden my live musical endeavors to Wham City and affiliated shows, artsy indie rock shows, djs and clubs, and random noise at warehouses. Don't get me wrong, I will go to a good hardcore/metal/thrash show throughout the city but I guess since this new wave of musical soundscape is erupting in Baltimore and a lot of it is centered around artistic ideas and elements, I have been responding to it and generously supporting it.

When I was eating at the Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore it was still opened 24 hours a day and it still had those delicious cakes lit in a glass freezer as you entered the diner. I was eating lunch with a friend of mine from College Park who grew up in the Baltimore area and he had come across a woman named Hanna Badalova, whom he went to high school with. She was accompanied with her friend Jared Fischer, and later on throughout the afternoon I found out that they were in a band together. They gave me their cd and immediately I loved it.

Their band is called Mr. Moccasin. A very experimental progressive indie-folk band that sings about fruits, deer, distance, and foreign places. Also, Hanna (their lead singer) sings mostly in Russian! Their music is also influenced by a lot of Dischord bands but you might not get that initially. You can check out their tunes on Mr. Moccasin's myspace.

Anyways, so later on in the year 2008 they started recording for a new album and wanted to do a photoshoot. I was starting to get back into photography so I figured it would be a good opportunity to start shooting again, whether it was in the vein of 'artistic' photography or not. I present to you some of the pictures from the shoot:

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