Thursday, January 8, 2009


To start off 2009 right my friend from Canada, Jesse Gongora, went on tour with his band Blackbirds all over the East Coast. I've known Jesse Gongora for quite some time now and it is usually a lengthy period before we end up meeting up with each other.

The last time that I saw Blackbirds was in Baltimore at the Charm City Art Space in August 2007. Back in those days, I was still living in that tiny yet quaint apartment in College Park with my amazing room mates Kandace Levy, Katie Sams, and Aurora Caskey.

Aurora and Kandace came with me to their show at Charm City Art Space. Both ladies have never experienced a show quite like it.

This time in 2009 Blackbirds came to Washington D.C. and Silver Spring, MD to play a show. The band played a show at the Girl Cave off of Gallatin St. in Northwest DC and they also played at the Corpse Fortress in Silver Spring, MD. If you are looking to get into some really aggressive, socially conscious, straight up angry hardcore you would probably like Blackbirds.

If you are interested in hearing their music visitBlackbird's Myspace. They have a few tunes from their 7" split with Braindead and a new song that they wrote last year that is untitled.

I think the boys and the girl enjoyed their stay here. It was a little short and I wish I had spent some time really showing them around the city. But they did eat at Sticky Fingers and had a late night rendezvous at the Blackcat. I'm pretty sure they'll be coming around this area again next time they're on tour.

Here are more pictures of their visit to D.C.:

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