Sunday, January 4, 2009


I took this picture almost four years ago which is almost unreal because it seems like just yesterday Desirea, Jenny, and I slipped into our newly found thrift store dresses and decided that we would explore the thickets and tall grass of Southern Maryland that embroider empty fields and have a photo shoot. These were times when things seemed tranquil in my life even though the world was wrapped in a world of chaos. Bush was still in office, Anti-War sentiments were at the height by all kinds of members of society (not just activists) and meanwhile the three of us. These three confused, naive, young ladies still managed to find days to be this care-free. Still willing to find the beauty amongst everything else that was happening in the world at that time.

Desirea is still my best friend. She is my heart and my stone. In those years I think I would have not had the foundations of courage and determination that I have now. And that is why, after two years of barely finding those moments of spontaneity trapped inside a 4x6, captured by some Minolta from the 80's and developed all with hands of love I decided I would have more moments like these in 2009. Soon enough I'll have more photos for you.

This band right here though, High Places, from Brooklyn NY really reminds me of those times (which is really why I told you something more personal than intended). They have become one of my favorite bands and live acts in the year 2008. I would describe their music as ethereal pop. Their influences are hardcore, literally any high place you can think of, and art school. I think you'll be surprised to find what you hear.

This is their newest release off of Thrill Jockey Records, self-titled and all:

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